How Do You Spell 'TACKY?'

Is this what one expects to see on a writers site? Have you ever seen such a vulgar display of commercialism on comparative forums? But then AW is not a writers forum any longer. It is a business run for profit from a horse farm, by an individual who is not a writer, or associated with the publishing industry in any way. So why are we surprised when she treats her members in a manner as ugly and crass as the forum itself?


  1. Anonymous9/9/14


  2. Author9/9/14

    There's way less people joining now -- I counted only six today so far. And you can bet they won't stay long either. Plus, all the regulars that are leaving...Then there are all the glitches, and the forums have an unkempt tacky look just like their owner.

  3. Anonymous9/9/14

    I wonder how much Mac charges to run that book ad right at the top of the forums page? I bet it's not cheap. Yet these books don't do very well. Like the one that's there now is ranked at about 32,000. With all the hype you'd expect it to be in the top 100 at least. But hey, Amazon is the great democratic equalizer. No matter how many phoney reviews a book gets, the proof of the pudding is in the Amazon ranking.

    1. Author9/9/14

      That's right, there's no way to fake that.

  4. Anonymous9/9/14

    It's all flim flam, of course. It's a well known fact that some authors buy hundreds of copies of their own books to get them in the top 100. Plus, the bought and paid for reviews.

  5. Downtown Doll9/9/14

    All the new posts today (24) fit on just one page. Both membership and participation is way down from before. Yay!