Who Is The Real Time Waster?

MC Hanna, aka 'Filigree,' thinks this site is a 'time waster.' Yet she has written 10,505 posts on AW in just 4 years! Now that truly is a time waster as far as we're concerned. We have a purpose, and an honourable one. We are seeking to support authors who have been abused, maligned, ridiculed and their livliehoods threatened by the bullying and shaming culture of AW. We are the voice for those who are now so devastated by this abuse that they cannot speak for themselves. Some have contemplated suicide. We are pledged to assist in organising the appropriate legal action that will seek redress and financial compensation for their suffering.

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  1. Anonymous7/9/14

    Take a look at all the other sites and blogs this loser has. Man, AW isn't the only place where she wastes time.