'Reputation Clobbering' At AW

"...the trend for bad behavior starts at the top. Hostility, threatening posture, bullying and reputation clobbering is a norm at AW, far more than I've seen on other writer boards existing at this time."

"I do like some things about AW. I don't like the emotional violence."

Paula Jovanovic, Author


  1. Anonymous14/9/14

    Yes, and it's the 'reputation clobbering' as well as the cyberbullying ,where the grounds for a lawsuit lie. For Stone and her creepy cronies knew it would destroy their victims reputation when they refused to delete the thread where the shaming, pile-on and ridicule took place. In fact, they planned it that way.

  2. Nordic14/9/14

    They go even further than that with their character assassination, they stalk their victims all over the internet. After I'd been hounded and banned by that nasty crowd my book on Amazon suddenly started getting terrible reviews. I know it was them. They're just like any other mob once it gets the taste of blood...they want to kill, kill, kill.

    1. Anonymous14/9/14

      Yes they want to destroy you completely. I know, they did it to me as well. And all because I supported self publishing. But they don't stop at the Internet. They were stalking me in the real world as well. I started getting weird phone calls at home and at work. Yes, they need to be sued in court and made to pay for their crimes.

  3. Anonymous20/9/14

    I must say I'm shocked that Victoria would make all kinds of bogus claims about killer trolls and other crazy stuff. These are tremendous lengths to go to to defend her AW friends, and it's cost her her reputation. I could never trust her again, because she's proven herself not to be impartial.

  4. And Strauss really got clobbered for writing that crazy hate blog. What was she thinking of? You can't just toss out there that everybody who doesn't like AW is a troll. That's nuts. I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't read it with my own eyes. But even wackier is her accusation that all the criticism of AW is coming from just one 'troll.' Like, how does SHE know that? And hey, that would have to be one busy son of a gun. Strauss has lost all credibility.

  5. Anonymous16/10/14

    If you believe the 'it's only one troll' nonsense, then you'll be interested in a certain bridge for sale. I can get you a good price. :-)