More Proof That AW Advice Is Bad,172987.125.html

And more proof that they hate self publishing:


  1. Anonymous1/9/14

    Yes, and there are more haters at AW than any other place I know. Terrible nasty cabal of bitter, spiteful losers. They're all failed writers.

    1. Esteban1/9/14

      You can add Strauss's vomit to the hate site list as well. She's every bit as bad as Melly Stone, or whatever her name is.

  2. Anonymous20/1/15

    I'd like to note that some of the writing advice floating around there is also outright dangerous. While the intention of saying "all ideas are berthed from others" is noble, saying it to the wrong person can actually be misused, with them justifying it as "nothing is original, you said so yourself."

    Plus the section now is being littered with all kind of threads about things like the value of ideas, what a writers checklist is. The main thing is you never know what your going to get here. I would suggest searching for advice elsewhere, from people not ambiguously writers.