Spangenberg Is A Webstalker and Hacker

So 'Mac' speaks of 'Webstalkers." Hmmm....well I guess it takes one to know one. For that's exactly what she does when she's tracking down so called 'trolls' and 'sockpuppets.' Her live in partner, Lisa Spangenberg, engages in a lot of this cyberstalking as well. She's also a self-confessed hacker. More on that later.

Now this is what I call 'cyberstalking.' How can you profess to 'know' who a forum member is, if you haven't been cyberstalking him? It's so creepy.

In this post, Spangenberg has admitted to not only cyberstalking AW members, but hacking them as well. That is the only way she could get their MAC address. Further, a MAC address is going to tell her much less about her victim's identity than their IP would. This was something thrown out there by Spangenberg to make herself sound technically brilliant. What it's actually done is make her look like a right old idiot and a hacker (which is illegal) to boot. 

SS: Her fangs are showing
Spangenberg has just announced on Strauss's blog, that's she's a forensic data analyst. "And it’s how I can recognize your writing every time you post." So when Sherlock Spangenberg (SS) isn't stalking her victims and hacking into their computers for their MAC address, she's analyzing their handwriting. But this isn't cyberstalking, of course. LOL


  1. Anonymous2/9/14

    You need to report this to the police. That pair of weirdos belong in prison. Of course, I guess they'd just luv it there, if ya get my drift. ;-)

  2. Fernando2/9/14

    We need to email the police a link to this. The hackers are in Everett, Washington. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. Hacking is a serious criminal offense.

  3. Anonymous2/9/14

    Unnatural, creepy, vindictive pair of losers. Imagine hacking into someone's account.

  4. Don Bascombe2/9/14

    That pair certainly trigger a whole lot of hatred and no wonder. The way they bait and demean their members is appalling.

  5. We've had numerous emails about this and we agree with the sentiments expressed. It's highly inappropriate that an individual such as Spangenberg, is using one or the most beautiful paintings in the world as her avatar.