Ebey Island

According to what they posted on their Tumblr page, this is where Melodi Sherman aka Macallister Stone, and Lisa Spangenberg (Medievalist) live. You can just make out the buildings in the background. It looks as if the stables are on the left hand side of the road, and the house is on the right.

This is another view of the property. There are other houses around, so it's rural but not remote.


This ties in with the directions given by Mel earlier this year. The property is located on the north-most end of Ebey Island, off the Highway 2 trestle.

Judging by the directions it must be located in the same 'rural Ebey Island community' as the dog park and the Everett Sportsman's Club.

"From the West (Interstate 5)

Take the Highway 2 exit on the trestle. Travel about ¾ of a mile, take a Right exit onto Homeacres road."


  1. Anonymous7/8/14

    Desolate looking place.

  2. Anonymous8/8/14

    It IS rural. I mean not wild wilderness rural but pretty remote.

  3. It's on 63rd Avenue South on Ebey Island. See our Law Enforcement post.

    1. There are only about 15 properties on 63rd Avenue South, so that narrows down the field a bit.

  4. Anonymous19/8/14

    Here is another addy for Mel. She either used to live there or she still does. Now it IS super remote.
    267 86th road, trout lake, WA