Trying to back up a lie with more lies

It's widely believed that Lisa Spangenberg is Mel/Mac's live-in partner. In Spangenberg's attempt to support Big Mac's ridiculous accusations against Mayday, she resorts to trying to blindside us with technical gobbledegook. She is trying to persuade us that an administrator of a forum knows who everyone is by their MAC number. How stupid does she think we are? Your MAC address is not sent over the Internet to the websites you are visiting. Not ever!


  1. Paladin29/7/14

    This is rich. As I said in a previous post, I was a forum admin for many years, and I can vouch that I never saw a MAC number. Not even once. Lots of IPs though, and that's all any admin can see, including the harridans at AW.

  2. Anonymous29/7/14

    Yep, I've run a couple of websites also, and the IP is the only number an admin can see. Lisa Spangenberg is a bald-faced liar. Shame on her.

  3. Desperate Housewife29/7/14

    But that crowd of doormats at AW are so bloody dumb and afraid to say boo that they'll probably believe Spangy's bullshit.

  4. Anonymous29/7/14

    Incidentally, that photoshopped pic that Spangenburg's got holding the camera is just awful. Very poorly done.