Another smear campaign at AW

This time it's directed against Mayday, who spoke out against a racist thread. It so happens that we've known Mayday aka Sara for years. We're members of the same writing group. And there is absolutely no way she's all those people that Mel/Mac claims she is. The very idea is outrageous. Sara wasn't even on the Internet until a couple of years ago, and this was her first time (and her last) on AW.


  1. Anonymous29/7/14

    Oh man, this is about as low down and dirty as it gets. Shame on you Melly you big fat slob. How do you spell L A W S U I T ?

  2. Desperate Housewife29/7/14

    Crikey, old Max has really blown a gasket this time. I guess all this flak is getting to her.

  3. Anonymous29/7/14

    Anyone who believes this pile of bullshit, will be interested in a certain bridge for sale. (LOL) Like who's gonna spend all that time on AW -- except for old Mel and her cronies -- using a dozen different handles?

  4. Paladin29/7/14

    I've been an admin at several different forums and there's no way you can tell something like this. When you ban a member's IP, the only way he can get back in is by using a proxy. You can't possibly know who's behind the proxy. I don't know what Mac was thinking about when she made these wild accusations, but she's made herself look really bad. It's also an insult to our intelligence that she thought we'd actually believe a crazy lie like this. Hey, we're not as green as we're cabbage looking Mackie.

  5. Anonymous29/7/14

    If I were Sara I'd be talking to my lawyer.