Blatant racism allowed at AW

"Canadian Clinic: No Non-Whitey Sperm for Whitey" 
This is the title of a current thread that's a veritable hatefest against white people. It's full of offensive language and racial slurs such as 'Whitey' and 'WASP.' Some participants on this thread have identified themselves as non-white or mixed race, and they obviously harbour a grudge against white people. The voice of reason from one lone member was quickly silenced amid shouts of 'troll.' The mod, of course, attacked the 'troll,' and not the name callers. Every time I think AW has got as bad as it gets they surprise me by being even worse. This is one such incident. It definitely qualifies as hate speech as defined in the Criminal Code: The deliberate inciting of racial hatred against an identifiable group.

We have taken screen shots of the thread and filed a complaint with the server. We've also contacted the Department of Justice at:
We urge others who find this material offensive to do likewise.

Registrar WHOIS Server
Registrar URL
Registrar, Inc.
Registrar IANA ID 625
Registrar Abuse Contact Email
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone +1.17202492374 

"By late 2011, Ridan Publishing's Robin Sullivan was banned from posting on AbsoluteWrite. I felt the decision to ban her was utterly appaling, and, combined with an experience I'd had on another thread previously—when I and several others were described as 'you Brits' by a moderator (never a wise think to say to two Irishmen) —I pretty much decided to curtail my postings on AbsoluteWrite to postings I felt added value or information rather than those that engaged in prolonged discussion about publishing and self-publishing."


  1. Biker27/7/14

    Good work on exposing this. Other sites are picking up on it.

  2. Anonymous27/7/14

    Here's another one, yay!

  3. Hi everyone, I'm 'Mayday' at AW, or I should say I WAS Mayday, I was just banned today and no reason was given. Sound familiar? (LOL) It beats me why anyone would want to hang out with such a nasty ignorant crowd anyway.

    vBulletin Message

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

  4. Anonymous28/7/14

    Let's put it this way, Sara, if you weren't banned from AW, you would have something to worry about. It would mean you were a mindless lickspittle and brown noser, yucky.