The Infamous Strauss Hate Blog

This question was put to Vic Strauss last year. She (predictably) ignored it. She's a member of AW and a buddy of Big Mac Stone. Then when the criticism of AW became so loud it could no longer be ignored, Strauss wrote the infamous hate article, which alleged that all the criticism was coming from just one troll! She also placed the odious and dissipated Stone on a pedestal. As a result of this glaringly subjective and partisan behaviour, Strauss has lost all credibility. She's just a tool for AW. Even the title of the hate article was spurious. There is no 'hate campaign' against AW. Stone and Spangenberg have destroyed the site's reputation all by themselves.

Rump Smooching And Sock Puppets

Here is yet another member accused of being several different 'socks.' This is the fate of all who have a different opinion from the AW 'in' crowd. If BabsWriter was agreeing with them the accusation would never have been made. Strauss is big on this too. If you disagree with her assessment of AW, you are automatically a super troll with 100 sockpuppets. This is incredible stupidy, and even unworthy in a school playground. When will these dorks grow up? BabsWriter also addresses all the 'rump smooching,' noted on our previous post.

And, predictably, here is the big cheese to lay down the law.

Grovelling On AW

CrastersBabies, prolific poster and longtime member, had to crawl on her belly and whinge today, in fear she would be banned. AW is a sadomasochist's black leather heaven. The amount of time they waste on there doing the sycophant thing is a case study in self loathing. That sick forum is like a sadistic school that hazes new members and demeans established ones. Everyone, except the really in crowd, is humiliated and punished. They are given 'time out,' which is tantamount to being made to stand in the corner. Anyone who puts up with this kind of abuse is as sick as those who are dishing it out.

The pecking order at AW, is rigid and ridiculous. The way they go on you'd think it actually mattered what one says under an assumed handle on the supposedly anonymous Internet. Talk about a tempest in a teacup. On second thoughts, make that a thimble. CrastersBabies must have a sore tongue after all that licking. Ick! One can only hope she feels good about herself as she looks in the mirror, and prepares for yet another day spent on AW. She -- and others like her, are using it like a drug. It's obvious they have way too much time on their hands. Boredom is the forerunner of depression, which then triggers addictive behaviour.

All this drama resulted in Perks, another longtime member with almost 16,000 posts to prove it, changing her user name to JustJM. So as you can see it was a planet tilting time today at AW.

There has got to be a good novel here, folks. Get busy. :-)

The Bully Brigade

Big Mac and Spangy
Halloween is just around the corner, and these two dreadfuls won't need any make-up. (scream...scream) Ditto for their pal and great supporter, Strauss the Louse.
Strauss the Louse

Why I'm Done With Absolute Write

Why I’m done with AbsoluteWrite (Or: the post that lets two dozen people say “LOL, told you so”)
It’s not like I hadn’t been warned about AbsoluteWrite before I signed up. I thought (and still think) that there are some great people there. Some of whom I’m so fond of that I do not take the decision to pull the plug on that board lightly.
But there are also some really weird things about that board. And when I started scratching beneath the surface, it got even weirder. Plus, when someone says “watch what you’re doing, or else” and the “or else” part is “you can’t keep providing free content to my website,” well, yea, fuck you. I’ll “or else” myself right out of there for you.

Bullies On The Hill

Even after a member has deleted all her posts and left AW forever, they still feel the need to degrade and ridicule her. Witness the 'permaflounced' nastiness underneath Ocean's name.

Another Boner From Big Mac And The Spanger

Now get this! Big Mac and The Spanger sink to even lower levels.

The Big Mac states:
"How many viewers doesn't actually mean very much, at any given moment, unless you're privy to the more detailed server log statistics -- and we neither monitor, keep, nor track that information, because I think it's an unnecessary breach of user privacy."

So she's either a hypocrite (no surprise there) or her live-in partner, Liza "The Spanger"
Spangenberg, is a bald-faced liar. (no surprise there either) For remember The Spanger claimed to know who everyone really was by their MAC number, which she'd have to hack into their computer to obtain. Now if that isn't a breach of user privacy, I don't know what is !!! Then there was her bragging about outing members using her forensic science techniques. And although this is a silly claim without any grounding in reality, it still proves that these nasty vipers don't give a rat's ass about their members' privacy.

Spangenberg Is A Webstalker and Hacker

'Reputation Clobbering' At AW

"...the trend for bad behavior starts at the top. Hostility, threatening posture, bullying and reputation clobbering is a norm at AW, far more than I've seen on other writer boards existing at this time."

"I do like some things about AW. I don't like the emotional violence."

Paula Jovanovic, Author

How Do You Spell 'TACKY?'

Is this what one expects to see on a writers site? Have you ever seen such a vulgar display of commercialism on comparative forums? But then AW is not a writers forum any longer. It is a business run for profit from a horse farm, by an individual who is not a writer, or associated with the publishing industry in any way. So why are we surprised when she treats her members in a manner as ugly and crass as the forum itself?

Who Is The Real Time Waster?

MC Hanna, aka 'Filigree,' thinks this site is a 'time waster.' Yet she has written 10,505 posts on AW in just 4 years! Now that truly is a time waster as far as we're concerned. We have a purpose, and an honourable one. We are seeking to support authors who have been abused, maligned, ridiculed and their livliehoods threatened by the bullying and shaming culture of AW. We are the voice for those who are now so devastated by this abuse that they cannot speak for themselves. Some have contemplated suicide. We are pledged to assist in organising the appropriate legal action that will seek redress and financial compensation for their suffering.