The Infamous Strauss Hate Blog

This question was put to Vic Strauss last year. She (predictably) ignored it. She's a member of AW and a buddy of Big Mac Stone. Then when the criticism of AW became so loud it could no longer be ignored, Strauss wrote the infamous hate article, which alleged that all the criticism was coming from just one troll! She also placed the odious and dissipated Stone on a pedestal. As a result of this glaringly subjective and partisan behaviour, Strauss has lost all credibility. She's just a tool for AW. Even the title of the hate article was spurious. There is no 'hate campaign' against AW. Stone and Spangenberg have destroyed the site's reputation all by themselves.


  1. We're commenting on the trashy advertisements AW is running to get click-through money. They're subjecting their members to tabloid trash and scams.

    1. These awful trashy ads were of concern to us also. They have no place on a writers' forum, and illustrate the disrespect that Mac and Liza shovel onto their members. Anything for a buck.

    2. WAR Person15/11/14

      We're going to explore some of the specific ads to demonstrate the scams and tabloid trash. We're going to dig in. We agree with you, they have no place on a legitimate writer's forum. I hope we can approach this project together.

  2. Anonymous4/2/15

    Stauss needs to defend the legitimacy of Absolute Write because it is the major vehicle for marketing her poor novels. Just look at her sig blocks on the forum. She is constantly appearing like a gadfly and advertising her work.

  3. Anonymous17/4/15

    I was wondering, I had read that numerous posters at AW are actually sock puppets of Strauss, Sherman or other moderators. I was wondering, is there any way to tell which posters on AW are actually sockpuppets of Sherman, Strauss or other AW mods and which names of posters are actually sockpuppets?