Hunt On For Super Troll

Approach With Caution
According to the Three Stooges -- Sherman, Strauss and Spanbenberg, all the criticism of AW comes from just one troll. It's name is Vicky. Now there's a coincidence. Or is it? Could it be Strauss's alter ego?

Either way, this isn't just any troll. It's a master of disguise, and has used hundreds of different user names on forums far and wide.

The busy little blighter has also set up at least 20 websites, including this one, and a fake Facebook account just to message Strauss! Not quite sure why that would be necessary, but then I didn't know Vicky had set up this forum either. That's how crafty this multifaceted troll can be.

I agree with the Three Stooges totally. It's the only logical explanation for all the criticism of AW, which is a marvelously friendly and supportive forum. It's full of wonderful people, who are totally up-to-date, in their advice about the publishing industry. Only losers self publish. The 'real' authors query agents for years and years and years. Traditional publishing has never been in better shape. The Big 5 in New York, have now expanded to 10 to meet the demand, and new bookstores are opening up all the time. A bookstore today is a great investment. Go for it.

But I digress. Back to Vicky. They seek her here, they seek her there, they seek that super troll everywhere...

How do you spell 'delusions of grandeur'?
Spangenberg has just announced on Strauss's blog, that's she's a forensic data analyst. "And it’s how I can recognize your writing every time you post." Oh man, are we impressed. She's a sleuth extraordinaire. And here we were thinking she was just a labourer on a horse farm. They're coming to get you Vicky...Sherlock Spangenberg is hot on your trail. But hey, isn't that stalking?

Spangenberg is being as dishonest about this latest wild claim as she was about the MAC address. Forensic Data Analysis is used to uncover financial crime. Now unless Vicky has been cooking the books at the horse farm, I don't see how this applies.

"Forensic Data Analysis (FDA) is a branch of Digital forensics. It examines structured data with regard to incidents of financial crime. The aim is to discover and analyse patterns of fraudulent activities. Data from application systems or from their underlying databases is referred to as structured data."


  1. Anonymous2/9/14

    Priceless! :-)

  2. Anonymous3/9/14

    I have been banned there for years but last year I created a new account. I still post the same stuff from the same IP address. C'mon Lisa, come and get me!

    1. Downtown Doll3/9/14

      Lisa doesn't bother with unimportant details like an IP address. All she has to do is eyeball your writing and she knows instantly who you are. You can fricken run, but you can't hide. :-)

  3. Anonymous3/9/14

    Maybe Vicky is lost in Miller's Cave?

  4. Esteban3/9/14

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but since when did using a score of user names over the years qualify one as a 'troll?' For if that's the criteria then I, and a whole lot of other folks, are also trolls.

  5. Anonymous3/9/14

    That's the whole idea of usernames, it's all about anonymity. you can use what you like, when you like, and as many as you like.At least I sure do.

  6. Downtown Doll3/9/14

    There are a whole lot of similarities between AW and the now inactive Writers Net. WN had a group of long time members that had formed into a cybergang and attacked newcomers.They even carried on stalking activity outside the forum. Sound familiar? Well let's hope AW ends up inactive as well.

    1. Anonymous3/9/14

      AW isn't getting the same amount of traffic it used to. Mel and Liza are using even more sockpuppets to make it seem that it is. They're particualrly active in the new members area. The word is out, there are only so many writers, and they're bound to go under. It can't happen soon enough for me. Thanx to everyone who is working tirelessly to achieve this.

  7. Esteban3/9/14

    This is weird. If you do a search of some of those names that are supposed to all belong to Vicky, you won't find a single one. Mac thought she'd cover her arse by claiming that some of those names were used on other forums, but she's a liar. I couldn't find a single on on AW.

    1. Anonymous3/9/14

      Don't tell me you're surprised that Mac's a liar. She just cranked out a list of names and voila., and even if they did belong to one person, so what? That's what internet forums are all about. I've forgotten most of the user names I've used. This is the norm, it's no fricken big deal.

    2. Anonymous3/9/14

      These are some of the user names that Liza Spangy (rhymes with mangy) has used on forums over the years.















      AtomicStone !!





      DosentAnyoneCare ?









    3. Downtown Doll3/9/14

      Can you prove this?

    4. Anonymous3/9/14

      Nope, but Mel and Liza can't prove their list either. It's the same deal. I threw a list of names out there just like they did. No difference.

    5. Ragtime3/9/14

      But you don't have the super sleuthing powers of Sherlock Spangenburg. She can hack into your computer and find your MAC addy, and knows just by looking at your post who you are.

    6. Anonymous3/9/14

      @ Ragtime
      Spangenberg 'recognises' your writing. So she's a graphologist too. When on earth does she get the time for all of this? Hey Mangy Spangy the barn needs cleaning out. Jump to it, b!tch.

  8. Ragtime3/9/14

    Stone and Spang accuse sites like this of running a smear campaign. Yet they publish a long list of names they claim belong to one person, without a shred of evidence to back it up, but that isn't a smear campaign as well??

  9. Anonymous3/9/14

    Mac said:
    "These are the ones we're pretty sure of, there's a bunch more we're less sure about, and some are handles she's used on other writing forums, but not here:"

    "Pretty sure of" just isn't good enough. When you start flinging out these kind of accusations you have to be absolutely sure and have the documentation to back it up.

    Yet this is the info that Strauss ran with and even added a name to the mix. She claimed all these names had been used by someone named Vicky. If you check the list, you'll find the surname is Scott. Now we don't know if this is the real name of a real person in the real world, but neither do Mac, Lisa and Strauss. Their antics in this fiasco have been abominable.

    1. Anonymous3/9/14

  10. Parks Board3/9/14

    I've sent a link to this author. She has the right to know what Struass and Mac have said about her.

    1. Anonymous3/9/14

      I truly am amazed and disappointed at Victoria Strauss for opening up this can of worms. I in no way believe her when she claims she has documentation supporting her accusations. She jumped in here to defend her pals at AW, and didn't give a jot who she hurt in the process. Now there's one author whose reputation has been damaged by it already, and whether she's this mythical super troll or not, doesn't matter a bit. I don't believe for a minute there is a super troll, that's just a figment of overactive imaginations. And even if there is, so what? What does that have to do with the topic of this board and many others, the insufferable bullying, banning and nastiness at AW?

    2. Hildegard3/9/14

      Yes and this quite shocking episode proves just how nasty they are. It certainly endorses the advice at WAR, don't let these bozos know your true identity or they'll destroy you.

    3. Anonymous4/9/14

      I just grabbed a screenshot of that list for I wouldn't be surprised if Victoria Scott's name suddenly disappears from it, if you get my drift. This rude crowd -- Mac, Spangenburg and Strauss, are far far worse than the so called scammers they're out stalking. And they're really coining in the bucks with all those ads, and upping the income even more by creating controversy so there are more hits on the site.

    4. Party Time4/9/14

      Good thinking, I've grabbed one as well. I've also taken a copy of Strauss's blog, just in case it suddenly disappears.

  11. Anonymous3/9/14

    There is no documentation that could prove how many usernames a forum member has used. Victoria Strauss is a liar.

  12. Anonymous4/9/14

    I don't know why you're surprised, Strauss has made defamatory unsubstantiated claims before, without any proof to back them up. She's just a low class scumbag like Mac Stone and has the same kind of potty mouth.When she's called to account for her lies, Strauss goes into hiding and doesn't say a word. Notice how quiet she is right now. ;-)

    Strauss said: "Apparently I’m a Boring Wrinkled Self-Published Lesbian"
    She won't get any argument from me on that.

  13. Robin4/9/14

    I knew this author was the Vicky troll all along. Its all about that flame thread on Aw about Entangled and Victoria Scott is published by them.

  14. Anonymous4/9/14

    Re the membership and traffic at AW. Their membership consists of every single person that's ever registered there since the site opened in the 1990s. Lots of writers register there because it's the biggest site, and has lots of information. But most of them post only a few times, see it's not for them, and leave. Yet they're still clung onto and claimed as a member. The question is, how many 'active' members do they have now? I asked myself that question some time ago, and decided to do a little research and watch. I found that membership and participation were both dwindling to around 30% less than when Jenna owned the forum. I'm not surprised.

  15. I believe we all miss Jenna. She was a true professional, with a genuine interest in helping other writers.

    1. I'll second that. So unlike the unprofessional roughnecks that now rule and ruin the forum.