All About Victoria Strauss

Victoria Strauss
Strauss is quite literally on dozens of websites all over the Internet. Blogs, Facebook, name it she's on it. She has broadcast all her personal information, including her location, for the world to see. She's the epitome of an exhibitionist troll, desperate to be noticed. "Look at me...look at me...I'm important." She has therefore, 'doxxed' (one of her favourite expressions) herself.

For those considering a class action lawsuit against Strauss for invasion of privacy, libel, and loss of income, an address to serve the summons is necessary. There is a Victoria M Strauss listed at 27 Cosby Avenue, Amherst, MA 01002. But there is an indication that her current address may be 103 Sunset Ave, Amherst, MA 01002-2019

As for the lawsuit that's pending against Strauss's buddy, Melodie S. Sherman, we're very close to getting an exact physical address for the horse farm. As soon as we have verifiable information, we'll post it.


  1. Anonymous4/9/14

    Good on ya. Strauss is the kinda bitch that loves to dish it but can't take it.

    1. Esteban4/9/14

      It's too bad that these writer advocates have turned so militant, and started to savage the very folks they are supposed to be looking out for. I guess that little bit of power it gives them goes straight to their heads. It looks like its the authors they're out to get these days, rather than publisher and agent scammers.

    2. Anonymous5/9/14

      Strauss is packing the comments on her blog with sockpuppets and a couple of sycophants. Honest opinions have not been published. No surprise there.

  2. Downtown Doll5/9/14

    I don't know what response she expected from that foaming at the mouth attack she launched last week. But her victims are gonna fight back. You'd think she'd have guessed that. Now she's just trying to back off and forget the whole thing. No deal.

  3. Anonymous5/9/14

    Hey you want publicity and attention Vicky Strauss troll, were you're sure getting it.

  4. Alexander5/9/14

    Are you enjoying yourself yet, Victoria, or are you regretting publishing such a dumb, offensive, no proof to offer smear campaign?

  5. I've sent this info along to the SFWA. Strauss is always claiming she's a big poobah there and loves to throw their name around. When they find out what she's been up to and that her reputation is now in shreds, they're sure to distance themselves from her. She also wrote an article that was critical of the SFWA earlier this year. Strauss is like a bad case of Ebola, throwing out unsubstantiated claims and then telling us we should trust her is so utterly incredible, it's hilarious.