AW Still Gets A 'Highly Recommended' Rating At Preditors And Editors (Unbelievable!)

Writer advocates such as Preditors and Editors, and Victoria Strauss, who continue to support AW despite the overwhelming evidence of bullying, foul language, and bad advice, are defending the kind of foul language and sentiments, which Mel/Mac displayed in this Tweet. They obviously think it's appropriate. Otherwise, how could they continue to recommend AW as a good forum for writers? The fact that they do is totally incomprehensible. Mel/Mac is a foul mouthed vicious bully who has destroyed more writers than she's ever helped. This Tweet proves that.


  1. Anonymous28/8/14

    There's something dirty going on there and you can be sure money is involved. There's not another forum administrator anywhere who uses such profane language to her members and treats them like muck. Not one.

  2. Anonymous7/9/14

    They're in league with Writer Beware and Preditors and Editors.