The Proof That AW Advice Is Bad

You would expect a book containing stories by Absolute Writers, and edited by the big cheese herself, to be a best seller. After all, Mel/Mac and her cronies have set themselves up as experts on the publishing industry, and woe betide anyone who disagrees with them on this. However, the reality is altogether different.

"Absolute Visions," has been an abysmal failure on Amazon. It ranks about as low as you can get. A shockingly low #2,866,718. It has only received one 2 star review, and that was by someone who bought the book because she knew one of the writers.

"Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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I picked this up because one of the writers is an acquaintance."

So why would anyone take the advice of those who cannot produce a salable book themselves?

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  1. Anonymous30/8/14

    I dont know about #2,866,718 being so shockingly low, as compared to Vic Strausses book which ranked at #6,632,802, it's doing damned well. it's nice to see Amazon is keeping those dorks honest. If it wasn't for that they'd be claiming they had bestsellers.