Power In Numbers

We now have some 20 websites in the loop. Working together we outed Mac for who she really is, and her partner, Lisa, as well. Kudos to everyone. We can already see the results of our efforts in the increasing paranoia at AW when it comes to new members. Mac has bullied all who entered her realm for many years, and treated them like dirt. It's like a nasty sadistic game to her. She toys with her victims, sticks pins in them, and derives profound pleasure at their discomfiture. It's a power trip extraordinaire. She thought she could continue to do so with complete anonymity and impunity. Not so. Her biggest mistake was to use her real name and address when she registered the site. For a few extra dollars you can use the webhost's address and phone number, thereby keeping that information private. Mac registered AW in 2006 with her real name, Melodi Sherman and her home address, 1865 Douglas Avenue. She also registered in the same way with Washington State.

Now this really has to take the cake in sheer hypocrisy, for here she is belittling someone else for doing exactly the same thing, and advising them how to keep their personal information private. Well hey, if she'd only been savvy enough to do that herself in 2006, she could have avoided this sh!tstorm. Like it's always a b!tch when the abused fight back. Keep up the good work guys, we shall overcome.


  1. Anonymous7/8/14

    Good one, I luv it. :-)

  2. I am definitely proud of the part I played in this.