Political Agenda Pushed At AW

Mac comes across as a Christian-hating left winger. She'll defend any religion as long as it's not Christianity. She is a self-confessed lesbian, yet she vigorously defends Islam, which publicly executes homosexuals. She also seems to dislike Western culture and traditions, and has a definite preference for non-Europeans. This adds up to a very bad case of self hatred. Consequently, instead of being a supportive place for writers, the AW forums have become suffused with Mac's hate filled political agenda.

As the administrator of a forum with some 60,000 members (not all active, of course) Mac stated she was like a mayor of a small town. So we can see the power tripping egomania creep in. Mac is a stable groom that lives in an impoverished rural area that's been likened to the Grapes of Wrath. Being the administrator of AW, is likely the only position of power she's ever been in, except when it comes to laying down the law with the horses, of course. :-) She lives in Everett, Washington, but is originally from the wilds of Montana.

We'd also like to add here that AW used to be a good resource, but the regulars haven't moved with the times. They're still pushing publishing advice that's been outdated for more than a decade, and downgrading self published authors who are selling thousands of books on Amazon. Self publishing and ebooks are not the way of the future, they're the way right now! Like it or not, they're here to stay and the old ways of querying agents, a process which took many years, has gone the way of the dinosaur.

Finally, we know of no other forum that bans so many members. AW certainly takes the prize. Members such as Sophia (see above) are banned for politely stating an opinion that differs from the ruling clique. The pleasure Mac takes in banning members, she obviously gets off on it, is all part of her power trip extraordinaire. It's so uncomfortable to watch it's indecent. Think black leather and a whip. She's a frustrated personality that is taking her discontent out on others and getting her jollies at the same time.
"Now, as a lesbian who has been out -- a self-identified dyke, in fact..."


  1. Anonymous3/8/14

    I guess growing up in Montana, where traditional values are upheld, was not the easiest thing for gender confused Macky.

  2. It's important to send this link to all the banner ads on Mac's site. Her advertisers are entitled to know what kind of a site their ads are appearing on. Dirt has a way of rubbing off.