Drunk At 2:00 AM

Mel/Mac Enjoys A Shot Of Booze

“...You're a fucking troll, and I'm tired of you....”
“...You're a goddamned troll and an abusive fucking freak...”
“...So do your worst, you fucking freak....”
"...Bullshit "review" sites?..."
"...So fucking what?....”
This Is How Big Mac Speaks To AW Members

It makes us wonder who could possibly want to participate in a forum such as this, and run the risk of being subjected to abusive and foul mouthed tirades. Our major concern is the young writers who frequent AW.  We don't want them exposed to this type of toxic environment. And it  flies in the face of Mac's own rule: 'Respect your fellow writer.' She calls it AW's 'guiding principle.'

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  1. Anonymous13/8/14

    Oh wow, they're a classy pair.:-)