Accounts Removed At Absolute Write,148187.0.html


  1. Anonymous2/8/14

    Wow, this is really freaky stuff.

  2. Desperate Housewife2/8/14

    So much for Lisa and Mac being able to identify members by some special MAC number. (TRYING TO BACK UP A LIE WITH MORE LIES) If they could do so why would they be excluding members who are totally legitimate. The truth is they're just guessing. You can never know who someone really is on the Internet. Never. And the Big Mac and Lanky Lisa have made themselves look damned foolish.

  3. Anonymous2/8/14

    Okay, so they're a horrible bunch of losers at AW that have taken cyberbulling to new heights. But why all this fuss and hoopla? You don't like AW, don't go there. Its just that simple.