Newborn Babies Don't Have A Race (?)

According to the brainy sages at AW, newborn babies don't have a race!!! the face of such stupidity what can one say?


  1. Anonymous29/7/14

    Thanx for the laugh, that bloody crowd is dumber than dumb.

  2. So when do babies get a race, when they're two years old, or what? This is too much even for that ignorant bunch, and not one of them disputed this stupidity.

  3. Anonymous7/8/14

    LOL, I think it's when they're 4 years old. Before then you can't tell what race they are. ROFL Hey, but you gotta admit this is good for a laugh.

  4. Decker7/8/14

    This is the idiot who made that post on AW. What really bowls me over is that not one of those monsters called him on it.