Internet Scams: Absolute Write

"I also highly suggest to tread carefully, and or stay away from the website that is called, "Absolute Write".

1) Owner has fake name and address
2) Owner has been sued multiple times
3) Their forums are nothing but gossip
4) Strong ties to Goodreads bullies


  1. Anonymous25/5/14

    The final final final proof above. Quite a stupid slip.

  2. My name is Cheryl Pillsbury an author they have harmed me on their site several times now they harming my publisher and their illustrator and my friend; i wish there was a way for me to put them under the bus permanently. They never research nor ask questions or get permission to use my name or anything i thought that was illegal. if needed

    1. Anita10/6/14

      Sorry about your victimization, Cheryl. It seems the only way to stop the AW bullies would be through legal action, and that's prohibitively expense. A literary agent they were defaming won a lawsuit against them a few years ago.