Who is Patricia Peck?

Peck was listed as the owner of 1825 Douglas Avenue in Everett, in the 2010 assessment.

This is the same address that Mac and Melodie used on their domain registration at Godaddy.

Peck was also the manager, of the BLM Lakeview Ranch before it closed, and Melodi Sherman was the assistant manager.


  1. Anonymous11/2/14

    So now we have Melodi Sherman/Mac Stone, and Lisa Spangenberg and Patricia Peck.

    1. Anonymous11/2/14

      BTW, I do love this forum. Mac must be getting even fatter eating all that crow.

  2. Anonymous11/2/14

    I think Melodi used her address for her registration, which I've seen done before. This must have been before she decided to use a storage unit.

  3. Anonymous11/2/14

    Can you imagine Mac's parents naming their little daughter 'Melodi,' never dreaming, of course, how she would turn out. Like a big bullying Mac Stone truck.

  4. This is from the Piers Anthony site:
    "it seems literary agent Barbara Bauer sued, and the MacAllister residence turned out to be a storage unit. The charge is that the site is making money by pretending to run an honest critique board and garnering huge traffic, running hundreds of Google ads, and that instructors are not being paid."

  5. AbsoluteWrite's expired business license is "non commercial only". If she had a valid license you could make a case that AbsoluteWrite is a commercial business, but having ads alone doesn't make it commercial business. But with her business license expired, all bets are off.