This is how MacAllister Stone treats her members

"We're all done here. You're a fucking troll, and I'm tired of you. So feel free to go and quote me over on the Write Agenda or Stop the Goodreads Bullies. I get that it gives you and your internet friends the vapors when I swear, and you know what? I don't care. Consider this post my little gift to all of you, so you can flutter your hands at your throats and take to your fainting couches and comfort one another for days.

You're a goddamned troll and an abusive fucking freak; you abuse commas, you can't spell your way out of a wet paper bag, your thought processes are so muddled I strongly suspect you should consult a medical professional and get some help, and I feel so goddamned sorry for your wife I'd send her flowers if I didn't think it'd just make things worse for her in the long run.

So do your worst, you fucking freak. You think you'll intimidate me, sending me veiled PMed threats on my own server?

Do your worst.

What on earth is it you think you can do to me, anyway? Send me yet more abusive email? Boo-fucking-hoo. Post one-star reviews of the forums on third-rate bullshit "review" sites? So fucking what? Do you really fondly imagine any of that is going to keep me awake, nights?

I promise you right now, I'll publicly post and critique every loud-mouthed, blustering, blowhard, piece-of-shit email you send me from now on. Then I'll point and laugh, and invite everyone I know to do the same thing.

Now get lost, you pathetic little creep.

The grownups have stuff to talk about.
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  1. Anonymous15/11/13

    What a foul-mouthed disgusting piece of no-class crap.Is anybody surprised, after reading this that she behaves like a mentally deranged bully? There are serious mental problems there. So much anger and venom. Dirty-mouthed slut.

  2. I hate to see a woman swearing like that, what a skanky ho.

  3. Anonymous15/11/13

    Not the kind of a gal you'd take home to meet mother.

  4. Low class scrubber. She needs her filthy gob washed out with soap.

  5. Anonymous16/11/13

    Ugly pugnacious looking bitch. Just as you'd expect from her bullying antics.

  6. Anonymous17/11/13

    Classy, very classy.

  7. Who cares?

  8. Anonymous6/2/14

    Man, she is really thinks we care! What care about is why she is committing fraud and sticking to it with such vigor?

  9. Anonymous7/2/14


  10. Came across another site about Big Mac/Melodie.

  11. Anonymous8/2/14

    I beginning to believe that no one, not even her friends, with the exception of Lisa Spandenberg, knows her real name and that by admitting this she'll damage all her personal and professional relationships. It's the only thing that makes sense. Unless she's a sociopath.

  12. Bumblebee8/2/14

    This is a disgraceful and shocking way for an administrator of a writer's forum to behave. Her language is profane and disgusting. Of course, what would you expect from a stable groom?

  13. Anonymous10/2/14

    Damn, I can't quit looking at her ugly face. It's like trying to look away from a wreck. It makes you sick to your stomach, but you can't help yourself! Gag!

  14. Anonymous16/5/14

    And this foul mouthed thing is complaining about a few comma faults? Drink another case of beer, you bloated boozehound!

  15. Anonymous16/5/14

    She's advizing for someone else to be seeking a sychiatriest? Keep her away from gunshops & bullets. Huh?