Photographic proof that Mac is Mel Sherman

Anyone who is still in doubt about Mac Stone being Mel Sherman, take a look at this photograph from Mel Sherman's facebook page.

And compare it to this photograph of Mac Stone taken at a writer's conference.

Mac has put on weight, but it's still the same face only fatter, with much the same expression.

And take a look at Mel's friends: Lisa Spangenberg and Macallister.

February 15 Update:
You can no longer view Mel/Mac's friends on Facebook. She's really scrambling to hide. But it's a bit like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped, since we already have a shot of them. :-)


  1. Anonymous12/2/14

    While this is nice confirmation, I think we had this figured out beyond a doubt.What I can't figure out is why is doing this with the tenacity she is, even to commit perjury.

  2. Anonymous12/2/14

    Even better: Mel is friends with Mac.

  3. Anonymous17/2/14

    /me waves at Mac/Mel