Grovelling On AW

CrastersBabies, prolific poster and longtime member, had to crawl on her belly and whinge today, in fear she would be banned. AW is a sadomasochist's black leather heaven. The amount of time they waste on there doing the sycophant thing is a case study in self loathing. That sick forum is like a sadistic school that hazes new members and demeans established ones. Everyone, except the really in crowd, is humiliated and punished. They are given 'time out,' which is tantamount to being made to stand in the corner. Anyone who puts up with this kind of abuse is as sick as those who are dishing it out.

The pecking order at AW, is rigid and ridiculous. The way they go on you'd think it actually mattered what one says under an assumed handle on the supposedly anonymous Internet. Talk about a tempest in a teacup. On second thoughts, make that a thimble. CrastersBabies must have a sore tongue after all that licking. Ick! One can only hope she feels good about herself as she looks in the mirror, and prepares for yet another day spent on AW. She -- and others like her, are using it like a drug. It's obvious they have way too much time on their hands. Boredom is the forerunner of depression, which then triggers addictive behaviour.

All this drama resulted in Perks, another longtime member with almost 16,000 posts to prove it, changing her user name to JustJM. So as you can see it was a planet tilting time today at AW.

There has got to be a good novel here, folks. Get busy. :-)


  1. Anonymous29/9/14

    These cringing worms are scared shitless they'll get the boot, because AW is their entire life. Anyone who doubts that needs to do their arithmetic. Look how many messages they've posted and the sheer length of them. It's their life, believe it. And I thought they were supposed to be writers?

  2. Marley29/9/14

    Somewhere down the line they got fed up with writing and all the failures, rejection gets to be a bitch after a while, and they began spending more and more time on Absolute Shite. It creeps up on you gradually. There are programs now to help Internet addicts and if anyone qualified as one its Crastersbabies and her ilk. Pathetic.