Where Is Uncle Jim?

A search on James Macdonald aka Uncle Jim, proves that the last time he participated on AW was on January 25 of this year!  Hmmm...verrry interesting.


  1. Anonymous26/8/14

    Hey this is weird, and I've also noticed that the big Mel herself and her mate (Medievalist aka Lisa Spang) haven't been posting much either. Not a thing from either one now in a couple of days. And when they did post previous to that it was only one post or two a day. We can only hope that all this pressure is finally caving those buzzards in.l

  2. Anonymous27/8/14

    "So what they did is they went to the criminal records database and they found all kinds of James MacDonald crimes.. stuff that is a lot worse than you’ve seen on anyone we know. Actually if even half of these crimes done by ‘James MacDonald” are real then you’re a pretty evil person.

    They then sent that material to me, knowing that we have a beef, asking me to find out if it was true, and hoping I’d promulgate it to the world."