MacAllister Stone

They seek her here, they seek her there...they seek the big Mac everywhere....MacAllister Stone is almost definitely a pseudonym. So is it Lisa Spangenberg who hides behind the mask, or someone else?

In her curriculum vitae Lisa Spangenberg states that she is the administrator and web master for Absolute Write.

The only address we have for the elusive Mac, other than a storage locker, is1825 Douglas Avenue in Everett, Washington. It's a matter of public record, that she gave this as her address when registering a domain name some years ago. The property was sold in 2011, but again, it's a matter of public record that the owner at the time was a Patricia A Peck, who had lived there for a number of years.  Also living at this address, at various times since 1999, and also a matter of public record, were a Helen Gentry, Steve Hutchins, Carrie Moon and Elizabeth Appleton. So these are real people in the real world, and Mac -- whoever she is -- has some sort of a link with them. We also have reason to believe that Mac is still living in the Everett, Washington area.

I also wanted to add here that even if you cannot find out Mac's legal name and current physical address, her web host would have to give out that information if a court order were issued.  So for all those contemplating a class action lawsuit against her, bear that in mind.

Update: She's with Godaddy, and I didn't realise that she'd listed the storage unit as her address there as well. So she's really paranoid about keeping her real identity secret, and may have paid for the service in a way that cannot be traced. Yet she's not as clever as she thinks she is. She's been visiting all the sites that have criticized her, and unless she's going through a proxy, they now have her IP and her ISP. The latter would almost definitely know her real identity and physical address, and would have to provide it if a court order were obtained.  Comcast Cable ( [Label IP Address]    3 returning visits
United States FlagEverett, Washington, United States

Update: We checked it out and that IP is NOT a proxy.

MacAllister Stone is actually a UK company.
 And MacAllister and Stone are TV cops.

This is taken from Mac's blog, Stones in the Field, and is dated June 2010
Finally, I'm also blogging cooking, living and eating well, and creating home on a budget, all with my Mom and with Lisa, who you can also find at Something Pacific Northwest. You'll find all of us at or
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It's interesting that on these cooking blogs, Lisa talks about her mother as well. So do we have 4 people here: Mac and Lisa and both their mothers, all participating on the blogs? If so, could Lisa be Mac's significant other? Or is it just one person with a split-off personality? And who is Mom? Could she be one of the former residents of the Douglas Avenue house?


  1. Ellen Child17/11/13

    Who has a name like Macallister Stone. My god it sounds like something out of a cheap dime novel. It's so macho. Just the sort of handle that someone like that would choose.

  2. Anonymous23/11/13

    There is far more proof online that Lisa Spangenberg is Stone. It's nearly incontrovertible. Just way too much coincidence. If you go back in time, say to AW posts in 2005, you won't see a Macallister Stone, just Lisa posting as Cultus Gopherus Macallister (see the Write Agenda webpage for more details and info links). Then you look at her "Linked In" motto: Written in Stone. Plus Macallister Stone was a famous Scottish clan in medieval times--this period being a specialty study of Lisa Spangenberg. Suddenly, the Macallister Stone entity is born sometime after the point at which Jenna Glatzner left AW. Lisa drops "Macallister" from her pseudo on AW and becomes the Medievalist.

    Also take into account Macallister has no identity other than online and a photograph or two created by AW lackeys where she is alleged to be cooking food at the Viable Paradise workshop (run by AW lackeys).

    It's all a cover. Lisa Spangenberg IS Macallister Stone.

  3. Angie Baby23/11/13

    So who is this Melodi Sherman and why was her name on the registration for AW along with Mac Stone's?

  4. Who cares?

  5. Mac is a real person: ... too many photos of her by too many people over time for it to be one giant conspiracy. Yes, she is real. More photos at DigitalMedievalist on Flickr.Com and at Mac's own Flickr.Com acct under her name including photos of her riding a huge horse.

    And "Mike" is obviously Lisa or Mac on this thread.

    Who cares? Because the real owner of the bully site can be located and served a subpoena for the IP records and real names of libel artists like the Nielsen-Haydens, and others.

  6. Anonymous15/1/14

    Mystery solved. Mac Stone is actually Melodi Sherman. the proof can be found at LinkedIn saw this evidence and agreed it was conclussive enough to remove MacAllister Stone's profile from their site.

  7. Bravo! That nasty bully needs to be exposed.